About JabJab

About the company

JabJab Online Marketing is one of the leading Hungarian PPC agencies offering PPC and Analytics services on the Hungarian market.

Founded in 2006 by Mihály Bobály, JabJab was one of the first agencies in the country with the official company certification badge for Google AdWords. Since then the company has evolved rapidly. With 6 team members we are primary focusing on middle to large sized companies to deliver premium PPC and Analytics services smart and creative.

Some of our clients:

  • Stilago (only the Hungarian branch)
  • Webonic (the Hungarian branch of Websupport.sk)
  • ingatlan.com (the leading real estate listing site in Hungary)
  • Zaunsystemen
  • CBC (Cord Blood Center)
  • Neckermann (the Hungarian branch of the German travel agency)
  • VitalEurope (dental company offering treatment in Hungary for European customers)

About the presenter

Thomas Geiger started its carrier as a programmer. After creating desktop Windows applications for companies, he quickly moved to the web. He already used Google Analytics back in 2007 to optimize SEO and site performance for e-commerce sites.

After this, Thomas started to learn PPC and earned the individual and the company AdWords certification in 2008. He started its own business to deliver PPC and Analytics services for SMBs. In 2011 he joined JabJab Online Marketing.

In the year 2011 he earned the Top Contributor badge on the Hungarian Google AdWords Product forum. Because of this he was able to attend to the Global Top Contributor Summit in Mountain view twice to get a first look into the feature of AdWords.

After Google has launched Google Tag Manager, he dived deeply into the product to be an early adapter. Using his web programming knowledge from the past Thomas can deliver best of both worlds: the ability to understand the special language of coders and the cleaner and understandable language of marketers.

Thomas and Misa are both Google Regional Trainers: they train Hungarian agencies about AdWords, Analytics, YouTube and sales.