Both days will be held in English!

Tag Manager - Beginner level

This course is primary for marketers but it is recommended for developers to attend too since the agenda of the advanced day is based on the knowledge of the beginner day. We discuss the basic concepts and everything in Google Tag Manager where you do not need to know (web)programming.

To succeed you need to be familiar with Google Analytics including the topic of event tracking. It is much better if you already know how an AdWords conversion or remarketing code looks like and it is even better if you are familiar with Facebook and Etarget codes as well.

Date: 2014. 10. 30. from 1pm to 6pm with one break.


  • Evolution of website codes
  • Account structure: containers, versions
  • Access levels, security questions
  • Basic concepts: tags, rules, macros
  • Live demo: from creating an account to a working container
  • Break
  • Basic tags: Google/Universal Analytics, Google AdWords, Etarget, Facebook, Custom Image tags
  • Basic macros
  • Introduction to the dataLayer
  • Automatic events
  • Universal Analytics tags with Google Tag Manager

Prices - Beginner level

  • Early bird (valid until 20.10.2014): 110 €
  • Normal: 140 €
  • Agencies (up to 3 people): 240 €

(Prices for attendees for both days: see at the end of the page)

Tag Manager - Advanced level

This course is mainly for developers but anyone should attend who does not fear of seeing JavaScript and HTML codes.

To fully understand the content you should be familiar with: HTML / HTML5, DOM, JavaScript(, jQuery)

Date: 2014. 10. 31. from 1pm to 6pm with one break.


  • The dataLayer for developers
  • Custom dataLayer events
  • Advanced macros: DOM text/attribute, custom javascript, etc.
  • Renaming the dataLayer
  • Planning the dataLayer
  • Break
  • Blocking tags and macros using the dataLayer
  • Inspecting the container code
  • Automatic events on the advanced level
  • Examples, case studies, questions

Prices - Advanced level

  • Early bird (valid until 20.10.2014): 140 €
  • Normal: 170 €
  • Agencies (up to 3 people): 330 €

Prices - Beginner+Advanced level

  • Early bird (valid until 20.10.2014): 200 €
  • Normal: 270 €
  • Agencies (up to 3 people): 480 €

We reserve the right to change the agenda at any time!

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